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Cream, Anyone?
We carry a full range of products for the care and maintenance of all leathergoods, from shoes to furniture. Creams, polishes, lotions and potions for every possible need. We have products to condition, soften or change the colour of leather. We also carry a full range of laces, insoles and other accessories

Beauty Is Everything!
The first step in any beauty routine is cleansing. The first step in knowing which leather cleaner to use is knowing which type of leather you want to clean. There are three main types, all of which require different treatments for optimum results. Our staff can advise you on the best product for your needs.

The next step, after cleaning, is conditioning. Being an animal skin, leather has pores and it needs to breathe (which incidentally is why leather is so much better for your feet than synthetics). To keep leather looking and functioning at it's best, you should aim to keep it well conditioned at all times. That means applying the correct oils to maintain the softness and pliability of the skin. Well maintained leathergoods should last for many years without cracking or drying out.

One of leather's worst enemies is water. Unprotected leather can be stained by water and in the case of suede or nubuck, once it's stained, it's ruined. In the same way that you scotchguard fabric, and for the same reasons, you can waterproof most types of leather.